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About Joy Helton...

Joy Helton is a licensed massage therapist dedicating her medical training to neuromuscular massage therapy (NMT). Precision NMT is an advanced method of soft-tissue therapy for the relief of muscular discomfort. Many clients respond by stating this is the most specific and effective type of massage they've ever experienced.

It is her personal intent to provide an experience for the client which includes:

  • an environment to encourage stillness of the mind and body
  • neuromuscular massage therapy for the relief from pain
  • an avenue to increase awareness of the mind/body connection

Medical professionals in the Dayton area regularly refer patients to her for medical massage, as well as come to her themselves for the therapeutic benefits of a deep neuromuscular massage.

Education, Training, and Philosophy

Every experience contributes to who we are and what we know—as individuals and healers. Joy Helton has diverse interests that have culminated in her sensitive yet powerful approach to massage therapy. Awareness, how it grows, and how it reveals itself in our thoughts, actions, and physical health has been a central theme in her professional and personal endeavors. Joy believes that finding a place of stillness within can help us to be more effective and bring greater meaning to every aspect of our outer lives.

Massage Training

Joy graduated from the Dayton School of Medical Massage in 2002 and is licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board. After graduating, Joy pursued ongoing professional education at NMT Midwest, Inc., in Champaign, Illinois where she studied:

  • precision neuromuscular therapy - an advanced method of soft-tissue therapy for the relief of muscular discomfort
  • muscular mobilization - a form of focused stretching

"It is important to continually implement the latest in the field of muscular therapy to bring about the best results and personalized care for my clients," says Joy.

Engineering Education

Graduating in 1992 from the University of Dayton with a Bachelor of Science degree in manufacturing engineering technology, Joy learned insights that she still applies in new ways while working with the mechanics of the human body. "My training in engineering helps me to think systemically about physical issues," she says. "The human body can be viewed mechanically, in which each bone, muscle and nerve impacts every other part, but it also must be viewed holistically, as a dynamic set of interacting energies."

Joy at Cuesport College
with coach Fred Fechter

Billiards and Awareness

It was during her engineering studies that Joy began to play billiards. The more she played, the more this sport spoke to her. In 1997, she attended CueSport College billiards academy in Peoria, Illinois, where she was immediately introduced into the awareness program which included massage, meditation, and breath work.

"Pool was the avenue which came to me, to teach me a deeper understanding of myself and life," she says. "When I pursued my passion, teachers appeared and doors began to open that I had not anticipated."

Joy spent nine years of training, polishing her fundamental skills and then mastering the "inner game" of pool. In 2006, Joy won her first world amateur championship title in 8-ball.

So what does billiards have to do with massage?

“You play your life on the table. I learned from my billiards training that inner patterns are played out in our lives and somatically in our bodies and this reflection can be seen through our game at the table. Patterned movements and behaviors become almost automatic. They happen unconsciously yet they impact how we think, move and feel. By introducing new awareness into consciousness which can be developed through massage, we can greatly affect our physical form as well as our mental focus and attitude which is essential to the champion in all of us.” Joy says. “There is a correlation between having your inner self in alignment so that you don’t react but instead play your own true game: having your mind, heart and body in alignment.”